Filey Steampunk Weekend

Steampunk enthusiasts, history buffs, and onlookers alike are invited to partake in this captivating celebration of creativity, art, and the unique Steampunk subculture on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 2024.

One of the features of Filey Steampunk Weekend is the meticulously crafted costumes. Attendees often don elaborate Victorian-inspired outfits with a fantastical twist, showcasing their creativity and embracing the Steampunk aesthetic.

Throughout the event live music and entertainment will be on show, in which you can dance along or simply enjoy the eclectic melodies that add a dynamic element to the festivities.

It doesn’t stop there either! There will be plenty of insightful workshops and talks. Learn about the history, aesthetics, and craftsmanship behind Steampunk creations, and perhaps discover your own creative inclinations.

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